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Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius.Let’s go places.

Toyota achieved over 250,000 fans at the launch of their new Prius models. The company’s Fan Page Application consisting of tutorial videos, viral hooks for twitter and YouTube, and concept cars from the Prius family helped to support the incremental fan base on social media.


The objective was to drive a larger number of people towards the fan page and get them excited about the new range of cars by Toyota; a showcase of Prius’s superior features was required to educate the extensive network of prospective buyers.

Strategy & Execution

Blitz Design developed a customized Facebook fan page for the Prius. Meet the Prius Family is a redirected link that lands the user to Toyota’s official website where they can check out various models of the Prius. The video & photos tabs provide interactive information about Prius Projects; how it works, future models, environmental effects etc. Social plugins for Twitter and YouTube have been integrated with the videos to enable a greater reach through viral activity. An event link called farm to Table Tour showcases and redirects users to Toyota Farms to Table where they can view videos and schedules of Toyota’s campaign. Lastly, Prius Projects highlights the timeline of production and the brand’s evolutionary process over the years.


258,781 fans have already “Liked” the Prius Fan Page, leading to skyrocketing sales for the Toyota brand. In addition, supporting material posted and shared on the fan page not only helped in educating buyers but also assisted in retaining existing ones.

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