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PedigreeWorld’s largest pet food brand.

Pedigree gained fans for the Pedigree Adoption Drive via viral growth of the application, boosted to greater heights by social media marketing.


Pedigree, an internationally known pet food brand, wanted to go an extra mile with their animal shelter program and realized there was no better way to promote it than a Facebook fan page application.

Strategy & Execution

Pedigree Adoption Drive is a non-profit endeavor aimed at collecting donations for the purpose of providing shelter to homeless pets.

Blitz Design developed a fan page application to assist in creating greater awareness for this noble cause. The fan application enables users to donate any amount of donation they wish to, directly on the Facebook fan page, using a credit card. Your donation to the foundation helps a pet in the shelter get adopted. In addition, fans also receive information about special offers / promotions as well as news about latest products.



Pedigree Adoption Drive was a concrete step towards driving growth for the brand. A large number of people actively participated in the campaign and millions of dollars were collected in the form of donations for this cause. A central tenet of Pedigree’s mission statement is that “Every dog that finds a shelter has a story. With the help of effective use of social media tools, Pedigree’s story has been forwarded to over 1,247,449 Pedigree fans.

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