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Major Shippers

Major Shippers.Safety Apparel Business.

Major Shippers Ltd. is a new business formed in 2015 in Oldham focusing, initially, on delivering high-quality products in the form of PPE (personal protection equipment). Their mission is to bring safety and security to the construction industry which they deliver with first class customer service, competitively priced and timely produced products.


Considering the growing demand for safety equipment around the globe it wasn't really easy to create the exposure that was needed for Major Shippers. However, SEO specialists at Blitz Design were determined to develop the right content and keywords for Major Shippers to reach at the top of search engines.

Major Shippers


Blitz Design created a particular set of keywords that were short-listed after a period of research on what the search trends were for products that Major Shippers were dealing in, for eg. Safety Boots. After conducting an On-Page and Off-page optimization and a few other tweaks, it was only a matter of time, that Major Shippers would get priority exposure on Google.

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