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Jackson 5

Jackson 5.Reminiscing the ‘60s sensation.

Motown Records developed a Facebook fan page application to pay tribute to the famous Jackson 5.


The Jackson 5 was one of the biggest phenomenon in pop music during the early '70s, and the last sensation to come out of the Motown hit making machine. Motown records wished to develop a platform that could be used to serve as a tribute to the group.

Strategy & Execution

Blitz Design consequently developed a Fan Page Application, dedicated to this timeless classic from the American music industry. The Fan Page displays a list of 10 top videos and enables fans to read music bulletins and blog posts from other users. Fans are also provided with a "Like" option with each song, allowing them to vote for their favorite. Other popular songs are also readily downloadable for the users.

Jackson 5


Motown has been able to attract the attention of 227,821 fans to date and successfully leveraged the opportunity to promote its latest records to a tremendous fan base.

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