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Heineken.The best deserves the best.

A Social Connection

Heineken expressed its respect for Martin Luther King and other historic figureheads, by paying homage to various artists during the Black History Month. A Facebook fan page app was created, uniting hundreds of artists from various genres and succeeded in bringing over 33,000 fans exclusively for the event. This case is an excellent example of how social space can be leveraged effectively to create mass awareness for a cause.


Heineken, a prominent and leading international beer brand, wished to pay tribute to performers and artists in the Black History Month through a Facebook fan page application.

Strategy & Execution

Blitz Design designed and developed a unique Facebook fan page application for the purpose of involving upcoming and A-list artists on their fan page. The Red Star Soul was utilized as the face of this application; furthermore, an art contest was created where artists, performers and singers would upload their artwork and have it judged by a panel of judges who would then declare the best piece from each category and announce a winner at the end of the contest. The application was quickly made viral online with the help of blogs, articles, reviews and presentations.



The app created tremendous response on facebook. The user engagements were up by 635%, interaction generated reached over 11x (base line). Organic encriment in fanbase was estimated to be over 33,500 fans.

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